When it comes to therapy, our goals are simple: to help our clients achieve the change they seek, and make it last.

We work to support our clients in becoming free to live fulfilled, according to their values, not their problems.

To achieve our goals, we use a scientifically validated approach called intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP, for short). To learn more about it, view our ISTDP page.

Is therapy right for you?

Clients come to us from all walks of life and for various reasons.

Many of our clients come to us because they have been suffering from physical symptoms that have not responded well to medical treatments. They may be suffering from chronic pain, post-concussion syndrome, and various other conditions that have a mind-body component.

Our clients also come to us because they want help with anxiety and depression. They also come to us for help with emotional difficulties related to adjustment. For example, they may have stress at work, relationship troubles, difficulty coping with the loss of a loved one, and other life stressors (e.g., significant medical diagnosis, divorce, parenthood, and school and work transitions).

Sometimes, our clients seek help when a problem is not so clear to them, but they are dissatisfied with some aspects of life. Although they may not be able to pinpoint just what is not working, our clients feel like they are being held back. They come to us to get unstuck and move forward.

Whatever their reasons, what is common among our clients is this: they are ready for change.

Listed below are some of the difficulties and disorders we treat. Of course, we offer treatment for conditions beyond what is listed. If you would like our help but are not sure if we can address your challenges, please contact us.